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Leaping to the running-board, she had attempted to snatch the baby from the arms of the stranger, and here, screaming and fighting, she had clung to her position even after the taxicab had got under way; nor was it until the machine had passed the Greystoke residence at good speed that Carl, with a heavy blow to her face, had succeeded in knocking her to the pavement.
A residence in Turkey was abhorrent to her; her religion and her feelings were alike averse to it.
His favor with Tamahmaah, never declined; and when that sagacious, intrepid, and aspiring chieftain had made himself sovereign over the whole group of islands, and removed his residence to Woahoo, he left his faithful adherent John Young in command of Owyhee.
As soon as he could get his inquisitive partners once more on board, he weighed anchor, and made sail for the island of Woahoo, the royal residence of Tamaahmaah.
She was recommended to fill this situation by the keeper of the restaurant who has supplied the meals to the family throughout the period of their residence at the palace.
Her residence in London will be easily discovered at the Italian Couriers' Office, Golden Square.
The Count and Countess Fosco had left Blackwater Park for their new residence in St.
I thank God--looking to what happened afterwards--I thank God I never thwarted that wish, or any other, which Lady Glyde expressed to me, on the last day of her residence at Blackwater Park.
only it is not my intention or wish that you should frequent her place of residence.
His first visit was to Aramis, at whose residence he ha not been since the famous evening on which he had followed Mme.
marquiseta = presumably the residence or palace of a Marquis}
I do not wish my bitterest enemy a sadder time in his life than the time I passed during the last night of my residence under Mr.