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It is these structural characteristics which lead to the high import orientation within the local economy and a corresponding underdevelopment of the domestic agricultural sector, debilitating further what could be perceived as an incipient residentiary sector, which for New World member George Beckford (1973) was largely the 'peasant production' sector.
Michael Balkwill, residentiary canon at St Asaph Cathedral, and (left) the missing lead from the roof Pictures: JEFF PITT
The Revd Martin Eastwood who has overseen all of this activity, has recently been appointed a Residentiary Canon and Precentor at St Edmundsbury Cathedral.
He was Residentiary Canon at Carlisle Cathedral from 1984 until 1990 before moving to the North East to become Bishop of Jarrow.
In a revision of his doctoral dissertation at Marquette University, Grosso, Canon Residentiary at Grace Episcopal Cathedral in Topeka, Kansas, elaborates an understanding of the concept of the person capable of fostering sustained, integrative theological reflection across a range of doctrinal loci, guided by the philosophical work of Michael Polanyi (1891-1976).
Emma Doherty, who smiled gently my way, and the Reverend Doctor Robert Doherty, thirty-eight, originally of County Cavan, Ireland, and just installed as Canon Residentiary of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.
(He has recently been installed as canon residentiary and preceptor of Liverpool Cathedral, and his latest publication--he is now an established children's writer under his own name--is entitled Shakespeare's Globe: An Interactive Pop-Up Theatre.)
Markusen et al (2004) argue that drops in prices of imported goods have caused local demand to expand more rapidly in residentiary services, and job growth in these non basic sectors has been faster than growth in the export base sectors in the fifty largest metropolitan areas.
He served as Canon Residentiary there from 1993 to 2000.
Itty was born in Bhopal, India, and currently serves as the canon residentiary at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Garden City, N.Y.
(5) All were trading centers for the rural vicinity, and a few were sites of small "manufactories" turning out products for a residentiary and regional market.
BRECON: The reverend canon George Bennett, former vicar of Llwynerw and honorary canon of Brecon cathedral, will become canon residentiary of Brecon Cathedral.

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