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Second consecutive year within ALG top 3 luxury brands -- Top German luxury brand for residual values -- Audi S5 wins residual value award within "Luxury Sports Car" category
Hollywood's labor unions are blasting ABC because they say the television network did not bother to bargain with them over residuals from iPod downloads of such hit shows as ``Desperate Housewives'' and ``Lost.
Finally, X's economic exposure to the headlease residual is rendered insignificant by the option structure and the pledge of the securities that defeases FM's option payment.
The incorporation of the updated criteria will not have an impact on any of Fitch outstanding auto ABS ratings, nor will it result in credit or residual loss assumptions that are materially different than recent practice for most transactions.
We are very pleased that the quality and fuel economy our products are delivering is reflected in our residual values," said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, Marketing, Sales and Service.
Further information on the nature of the residual waste is taken to the tender documents enclosed report "residual waste analyzes for AWSH SE-dholstein Waste Management GmbH".
Overall, 60-month residual values for all 2014 model-year vehicles averaged 39.
Then there's the fact that the residual model for a show like House of Cards may have to be unique and created from scratch.
The one of the most important technological challenges in turning aluminum alloys, have generally analyzed in this paper (example of residual stress measurement) includes:
If you can't be successful by simply serving the residual market without competing in the voluntary market," Summerhays said, "you have to be able to generate net income from the voluntary market to offset the residual market losses.
861-8 provides a general set of criteria for determining the class of gross income to which a deduction is allocated, and the apportionment method used to divide the deduction between the "statutory" and residual groupings of gross income within the class of gross income.
The residual stresses present in cast metal components can significantly improve or diminish a component's typical life cycle.