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Collection of residual waste of household origin and comparable industrial waste in the scope of the miwa association, including the transport of the collected residual waste to the processor.
A variety of methods is used to study the residual stress by researchers.
Blood THC concentrations and percent blood THC decreases from specific time points in 18 participants' active cannabis sessions without alcohol, arranged into categories based on presence or absence of residual THC before dosing.
The residual monomer concentrations were determined at intervals of 24, 48 and 72 hours using a UV Spectrophotometer.
The adjusted Pearson residual corrects the residuals to equal mean and variance, but its distribution is not equivalent to the distribution of the true Pearson residuals to order [n.
Nothing is straightforward about any residual calculations.
Key words: x-ray diffraction, residual stress, machined surface, Bragg law, Brag-Brentano diffractometer
But with SAG processing 2 million residual checks per year, the sheer volume of the payments means that actors often don't receive the checks for months at a time.
Proper operation of typical residual current devices and effectiveness of protection against electric shock is not guaranteed in circuits with variable speed drives.
Summary: Residual fuel cracks have strengthened a lot since 3Q08.
861-8 provides a general set of criteria for determining the class of gross income to which a deduction is allocated, and the apportionment method used to divide the deduction between the "statutory" and residual groupings of gross income within the class of gross income.