residual estate

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The continuing hiatus seems to be due in no small part to the protracted negotiations undertaken as part of the residual estate transfer to the ODPM (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister).
Alternatively, a fractional-share-of-residue formula calculates a fractional portion of the residual estate.
He devised 60% of his residual estate, which included valuable stock, to his son, Franklin M.
Most choose to name the WHA as a direct beneficiary in a bequest, but some may name the WHA as a residual estate beneficiary or as a contingency beneficiary, after other specific desires are provided for.
For example, if the total estate is 275 zuz, after Wife A withdraws with 50 zuz, the residual estate is 225.
Instead of funding the family trust with only the maximum allowable estate tax credit ($2 million in 2007), the will provides that any residual estate assets above the estate tax exemption goes to the family trust, too.
If they want to maintain control, either complete or partial, and provide a residual estate until they reach the end of their life expectancy but hedge their longevity risk, the cost is approximately $30 to $50 in reduced monthly income during the first 20 years of retirement.
The school has been left 75% of Mr Jones's widow's residual estate.
Trusted to distribute a series of small bequests, Peter Sanders allegedly began to milk the residual estate which should have benefited a close friend of Mr John Sutcliffe after probate was granted.
Alice Gloster, a native of Moneygall in Co Tipperary, left a third of her residual estate to the Friends of Nenagh Hospital group.
Thus, in his will, L gave specific instructions as to how the residual estate was to be administered and how the expenses of his estate were to be handled if the residue estate was insufficient, and sufficiently intended to negate the default rule of apportionment.
Early distributions from the residual estate can also help to shift IRD and other income to lower-bracket beneficiaries.