residual portion

See: balance
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Despite the growth in credit enhancement to date, the residual portion of the transaction continues to become a larger percentage of the securitization value.
Almost complete thrombosis was achieved however a small residual portion remained patent near the neck.
A residual portion of the site (Nymphenburg Wings - with 5,000 m2 GFA -) is still on the restoration.
The residual portion came from international donors, comprising the European Union and the United States.
After routing, the residual portion of the order will be sent back to Nasdaq OMX.
Te subsequent distribution between Wives B and C is a straightforward application of the contested garment principle as it applies to the residual portion of the estate after Wife A has been paid off.
The residual portion of feed intake can be used to identify animals which deviate from their expected level of feed intake, with efficient animals having lower residual feed intake.
This has the effect of decreasing the surviving spouse's assets and increasing the residual portion.
Even relatively minor changes in assumptions regarding a property's future performance can have a profound effect on the residual portion of the income stream that is the basis for the mortgage investor's participation.
A residual portion of the site (Nymphenburg Wings - 5 000 m2 GFA -) is still on the restoration.
Plans for tax-supported debt in the near-term include $120 million to construct parking facilities associated with the new Florida Marlins stadium which will be secured by a residual portion of the County levied Community Development Tax (a hotel tax) and several stadium related revenues with a back-up pledge of the city's covenant to budget and appropriate non ad valorem revenue.
A residual portion of Tyco's shareholder litigation is not addressed by the settlement, and other legacy legal issues have yet to be resolved.