residual portion

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Main features: the present consultation of intellectual services concerns an evaluation mission of the optional aid delivered by the ccas of nantes.The mission to be implemented is described in the special technical clauses (cctp) .This contract take the form of a ordinary market, at mixed prices comprising: - a part at global price and lump sum whose content is detailed in the global decomposition price and lump-sum (dpgf) and remunerating all the benefits provided by the cctp, - a residual portion price units (bpu) concerning the provision of additional services not provided for by the cctp.
Despite the growth in credit enhancement to date, the residual portion of the transaction continues to become a larger percentage of the securitization value.
Almost complete thrombosis was achieved however a small residual portion remained patent near the neck.
The residual portion of the recurrent tumor (figure 1, B) in the pterygoid canal and infratemporal fossa was excised during a follow-up operation.
The residual portion came from international donors, comprising the European Union and the United States.
After routing, the residual portion of the order will be sent back to Nasdaq OMX.
Te subsequent distribution between Wives B and C is a straightforward application of the contested garment principle as it applies to the residual portion of the estate after Wife A has been paid off.
(1963) suggested that feed intake could be adjusted for body weight and weight gain (or any other production trait) by effectively partitioning into the feed intake expected for the given level of production and a residual portion. The residual portion of feed intake can be used to identify animals which deviate from their expected level of feed intake, with efficient animals having lower residual feed intake.
And the only thing that prevents it from indulging in hard totalitarianism-as opposed to soft totalitarianism -is the residual portion of the Christian tradition that has not yet been eliminated.
Indeed, the authors find that the racial earnings gap and the residual portion of the gap (discrimination) are both smaller in fiercely competitive industries relative to inefficient, monopolistic industries.
This has the effect of decreasing the surviving spouse's assets and increasing the residual portion.
The first, a level analysis, decomposes the earnings gap in individual years into a portion explained by measured, gender-specific skill differences, and a residual portion commonly attributed to discrimination.