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Interpretation & conclusion: Indoor residual spray of etofenprox (0.
Larviciding with Fenthion two percent Granules, using Mobil Oil, was carried out at stagnant water, she said and informed that indoor residual spray was also carried out by Malaria Supervisors in schools/ relief camps and in 100 houses around the Dengue affected patient's house.
He informed that fumigation and residual spray is also ongoing campaign in the high risk areas.
According to a press release, Health Department Punjab asked that the water falls, fountains and swimming pools may also be kept dry for two months and at the same times it would be appropriate to make necessary arrangements for indoor residual spray inside the houses and lawns for elimination of mosquitoes.
In Jharkhand state, indoor residual spray with DDT and insecticide-treated bed nets (ITBNs) are being used under vector control.
He said the Fisheries department would use larvae eating fish in the water ponds and fumigation and residual spray will be also made in the high risk areas.
Fawad Hassan Fawad directed that Indoor Residual Spray (IRS), fogging and larviciding should be carried out simultaneously for complete eradication of the dengue mosquitoes.
He said incomplete address of dengue patient created problem in case response and indoor residual spray.