residual time

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To minimize the short-live routing path in vehicular communication, We have to calculate the link residual time (LRT) between two nodes in the routing path.
In VANET environment, routing is based on the link residual time (LRT), speed and distance.
Brian Benfer expands this notion of the archive and the index by using various methods and media to present his concept of residual time.
Although it may seem Untitled (Domiciles) and Untitled (444) do not initially support his concept of residue in comparison to his previous works, such as Untitled (SHSU Pre-Benfer) and Untitled (SHSU trap), the concept of residual time is the main concept for all of Benfer's works.
Before investigating nonlinear dynamic adjustments, an important question is whether or not there is a long-run equilibrium (attractor) toward which the residual time series variable moves.
2000) that the smooth function be selected so that the residual time series is consistent with a white noise process, It seems clear now that estimates of the air pollution effect are sensitive to the method of modeling time and weather, although this sensitivity can vary by location and season depending on how these variables are correlated.
Patent Re 36,633l, Synchronous Residual Time Stamp (SRTS) software.
Its short residual time in soil has minimized the "selection pressure" that might lead to the evolution of Bt-resistant bugs.
Patent Re 36,633, Synchronous Residual Time Stamp (SRTS) to Netro Corporation, a leading innovator of wireless access networking solutions.
Patent Re 36,633, Synchronous Residual Time Stamp (SRTS) to Paceon Corporation, a leading innovator of services-ready broadband access solutions.
The CAM 7665 supports both synchronous (network, loop timing, external timing, internal timing, and synchronous residual time stamp or SRTS) as well as asynchronous service clock timing for CBR services.
Mycosol is also engaged in ongoing testing of its compounds as antimicrobial additives in order to, for example, extend the residual times of current Veridien disinfectant and antiseptic products from hours to days or longer.