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In our case bladder capacity of 365c and residual volume of 140 cc was reported by which urodynamic tests showed detrusor hyperreflexia.
However we found no statistical difference in either voided or postvoid residual volumes among the two positions.
The voided volume was 98 ml, and the post-void residual volume assessed via bladder ultrasound was 150 ml.
25-75], inspiratory capacity (IC), total lung capacity (TLC), residual volume (RV), RV/TLC, thoracic gas volume at functional residual capacity (FRC-pleth), [FEV.
Trans-abdominal ultrasound was done to assess prostatic volume along with pre and post-void residual volume.
This factor can affect detrusor hyperactivity, sphincter activity, voided volume and residual volume.
Uroflowmetry performed 10 days after removal of the catheter showed a maximum flow rate (Qmax) of 7 mL/s, a mean flow rate (MFR) of 5 mL/s, urine volume of 150 mL and residual volume of >100 mL.
Finally, increased dead space to tidal volume ratio (VD/VT), increased shunt, and high residual volume to total lung capacity ratio (RV/TLC) or distribution of ventilation all have a negative effect on the respiratory drive.
It has been shown that gastric residual volume is a very poor marker of aspiration risk, and that, with the exception of meals with a high fat content, intake of non-particulate meals such as carbohydrate-based drinks has no relevant bearing on increasing gastric residual volume.
a positive provocative stress test, a normal postvoiding residual volume, an assessment or urethral mobility, and a negative urinalysis) is a "sufficient preoperative work-up" (N.
After taking history physical examination and baseline investigations specific investigations such as urine culture urodynamics and ultrasound with postvoid residual volume were performed.