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Bell discusses the significance of these and other residually oral forms of communication in the African-American novel in The Afro-American Novel and Its Tradition.
Total other liabilities is a residually computed variable that includes foreign and domestic liabilities.
To the contrary, within each geopolitical context, the perceptual and cognitive conditions controlling the public sphere ultimately determine the possible forms of artistic and cultural communication, be they residually available or emergent.
Hiring a treasury operation, regulated in Article 52 of the Consolidated Law Regulating Local Tax of 500 000 EUR a financial institution to meet temporary cash requirements of the Corporation arising from the repayment of existing treasury operation and, residually, to address the cyclical gaps that may arise in the treasury.
But that draft was improved, of course, by the residually Puritanical members of Congress, who reconfigured "Nature's God" as the providential and judgmental God of the Bible.
A solution tree is constructed from an extension tree with the property that for every leaf the coordinate group of the generalized equation associated to it is a fully residually G partially commutative group.
We say that G is residually P if for any non-identity element g [member of] G; there exists a homomorphism [psi] from G to a group having property P such that [psi](g) [not equal to] 1.
0 (Pa) can then be residually determined by the difference of the contract value including the paid-up option (see Equation (7)) less the value of the basic contract without the paid-up option (see Equation (4)), which can be transformed to
They are computed residually and provide a "balancing item" for the reconciliation.
Note that, in practice, MFP cannot be observed; it can only be calculated residually given estimates of the capital stock, the labour input and output itself.