resign oneself to

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He said it was foolish to resign oneself to one's fate without making any efforts to save oneself because life is God's greatest gift to man.
Peter's Basilica on Sunday the Pope Benedict said that, "One must never resign oneself to the lack of peace.
The former German vice-chancellor and foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, warned earlier this year that Europe was facing the dilemma, "Pay for the southern European countries or resign oneself to the end of the euro." Once celebrated as 'Ms Europe', Merkel, he argued, "was looking more like 'Frau Germania'." While the agreement reached in March put paid to some of those fears, it is not yet clear which Merkel will be on display should Greece fail to raise the $20-plus billion it needs by the end of May or if other Eurozone members also go cap in hand to Brussels.