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RESIGNATION. The act of an officer by which he declines his office, and renounces the further right to use it. It differs from abdication. (q.v.)
     2. As offices are held at the will of both parties, if the resignation of a officer be not accepted, he remains in office. 4 Dev. R. 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(a toss of the head), 'resignation to the will of heaven!' (an uplifting of the hands and eyes).
Celestine had read the resignation. She could measure the depth of his fall.
"If you wish to soften the pain of my downfall," he said to the lad, "bring me that drawing; I am now taking my resignation to Ernest de la Briere myself, that it may not be altered or distorted while passing through the routine channels.
"Tell Monsieur Baudoyer that there must be no delay," he added, in the hearing of all the clerks; "my resignation is already in the minister's hands, and I do not wish to stay here longer than is necessary."
"And the proof is that I shall send in my resignation. I shall plunge into industrial avocations."
The word RESIGNATION engraved upon the cross, so clear to the eyes of those who can read the sacred characters in which it is traced, shone for me with divine brightness.
And yet--for all my resignation, there are moments when my courage fails me.
When resignation was hardest, I have humbled my obstinate spirit, and I have given way for my husband's sake."
One alone persisted with tender tenacity and deserved the name of "eternal fiance," a name he accepted with melancholy resignation; that was Monsieur Robert Darzac.
The wave of mayoral resignations has spread to Eastern Province leaving the vice mayor for economic development in Ngoma district, Rwiririza Jean Marie Vianney resigning along with Hakizimana Elie, the executive secretary of Bugesera district.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 10 (ANI): The string of resignations continues within the Congress as Jharkhand Pradesh Congress Committee (JPCC) President, Ajoy Kumar has tendered his resignation from the post.
Subsequently, the speaker made his observation in the Parliament, whilst the Leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress was making a statement against some reports that appeared in some sections of the press casting doubts about the genuineness of the mass resignations of the Muslim Ministers.