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RESIGNATION. The act of an officer by which he declines his office, and renounces the further right to use it. It differs from abdication. (q.v.)
     2. As offices are held at the will of both parties, if the resignation of a officer be not accepted, he remains in office. 4 Dev. R. 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Dushimumuremyi Jean Paul has told IGIHE three leaders resigned on account of ineffective performance.
Seth is the third MP after Nagar and Neeraj Shekhar to have resigned from the SP as well as the Rajya Sabha in the past one month.
The member of Jalal-abad local council Jyrgalbek Egemberdiyev resigned ahead of schedule and his post was given to Arapbai Irsaliyev.
Omtatah has also asked the court to stop the State from paying the former commissioners their salaries, arguing that they were being paid even after they had resigned.
A source close to Enikuomehin explained that the former SSA resigned as governor Akeredolu's aide as a result of frustration with the party, APC.
Najam Sethi resigned from the post of PCB Chairman after the formation of new government after which Ahsan Mani was appointed at this post.
Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz's Hamza Shehbaz resigned from NA-124 while Shehbaz Sharif withdrew from PP-164 and PP-165.
The MPs, all in junior roles, resigned en masse as scores of Labour Remainers were expected to back staying in the European Economic Area - the so-called Norway model.
Presidential spokesman Park Soo-hyun resigned in early February to run for governor of South Chungcheong Province, although he withdrew from the race Wednesday following allegations of extra-marital affairs.
Goran Milenkov, the Commission's former president, also resigned Monday as member of the this body less than a week of the revelation of the internal audit report in which suspicions are raised of numerous financial wrongdoings, including fake travel orders, not coming to work every day and attending only meetings, and rent abuse.
Ramanayake said the former finance minister should have resigned from the post of UNP Assistant Leader as soon as soon as his association with Arjuna Aloysius was revealed.