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Last week, SP MLC Sarojini Agarwal resigned from the Legislative Council membership and joined the BJP.
Sources also revealed that General Manager of highway sector Javaid Illyas and public health sector engineering GM Nayyer Jalil has already resigned.
Sabir Mohammad al-Hassan has resigned, and the central bank said that Monday would be his last working day at the bank.
Libya has sent a senior executive of the country's national oil company to this week's OPEC meeting in Austria amid reports that the company's chief has resigned.
BEIRUT: Resigned Environment Minister Yacoub Sarraf said that the resigned ministers have not yet officially decided to return to the Cabinet to facilitate the election of the commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces, General Michel Suleiman, "despite agreement over his candidacy in the presidential election.
SAS Braathens CEO Petter Jansen resigned from the airline yesterday, a day after disagreeing with the airline's board about the future direction of the Norwegian carrier, which is the largest member of the Scandinavian Airlines Businesses unit of SAS Group.
Considering the stability of the Federal Reserve and the country, I resigned knowing that the transition from Chairman Greenspan to Chairman Bernanke was in solid shape," he says.
They reached agreement on a package in July and Bishop Hollowell resigned Aug.
anti-Nixon, -Reagan, -Bush the Lesser), who make McGreevey look like a piker in comparison, I don't think McGreevey should have resigned.
Head Start Bureau chief, has resigned after she was charged with mismanaging the program.
He resigned from the Department of Trade and Industry in 1998 after a row over a pounds 373,000 home loan from former Jaguar chief executive and Coventry North West MP Geoffrey Robinson (left) who was then Paymaster General.
First of all, Cordaro says because he "can't be celibate" he has resigned from the priesthood.