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Not for me ," cried Porthos; "I am not by any means resigned.
With a bitter sigh, he resigned himself to the necessity of being as agreeable and amusing as ever: it was just possible that he might lure her into alluding to Alban Morris, if he began innocently by making her laugh.
She resigned Mirabel to Emily--in the happy belief that she had paved the way for a misunderstanding between them.
I might be resigned to his leaving me for a time; but all my instincts as a woman revolted at his placing himself in a position of danger during his separation from his wife.
Having resigned his curacy, his next proceeding was to offer his services, as volunteer, to a new missionary enterprise on the West Coast of Africa.
your presumption in saying you have resigned all pretensions to a
Not only had we resigned ourselves to the bitter winter, but we were prepared for it.
No, I'm not a member now; I've resigned," answered Levin, "and I no longer attend the meetings.
I looked into the pale, quiet, resigned young face--I saw the pure, innocent heart, in the loving eyes that looked back at me--and the poor worldly cautions and objections that rose to my lips dwindled and died away in their own emptiness.
His wishes are now, what they were, of course, when he first came here; and Laura having resigned herself to the one inevitable sacrifice of the marriage, remains as coldly hopeless and enduring as ever.
He said he certainly could have wished to have continued to hold the appointment he had just resigned.
Another P leader Naveen Jaihind said that he has resigned as a member of National Executive of P.