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CHP deputy Mahmut Tanal, who presented his party's petition to the YSK, spoke to reporters and said the prime minister should resign in order "not to put any stain" on the presidential race and allow all candidates to compete under equal and fair conditions.
Since Erdoy-an's nomination as a presidential candidate on July 1, a fierce debate over whether the prime minister should resign or not has been dominating the political agenda.
Can a chief resign verbally or does it have to be written?
A chief can resign either verbally or can write a letter of resignation and the courts have said that this has to be done in a "fit manner" Usually, the resignation has to be given to council at a duly conveyed council meeting and is effective the moment it is presented.
It seems the Italian media interpreted Lehmann's remarks to mean he was calling on the pope to resign.
Bernard Haitink, musical director, threatens to resign.
Battenberg III, a director of the corporation, has decided to resign from the company's board of directors, effective immediately.
Barker also has met with former CSUN assistant coach Rob Phenicie, who was forced to resign July 7, and Jeff Kearin, the Matadors' interim head coach.
Allen's offer to resign was rejected by the board: she remains at her post until the future of the Royal Opera House is decided.