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An Innovation Marketplace will accompany the two days of the Forum and will provide a platform for knowledge-sharing and networking around innovation and resilience in the context of the Syria crisis.
To this end, the committee will participate in EMI conferences, sponsoring technical sessions devoted to objective resilience methods.
Finally, Michallet and his collaborators (in press) developed a definition of resilience in the context of physical rehabilitation.
Ian Allison, global head of climate resilience at Mott MacDonald, said: "2015 culminating with COP-21 in Paris is an important year for international decisions that will shape how we deal with climate change.
Integrating stakeholders from across silos of government and sectors of society (businesses, NGOs, Academic institutions, etc) into the resilience building process.
The notion of resilience has emerged as a powerful new antidote to security threats.
Reaching out to help others helps to restore one's own resilience.
The CD-RISC was re-administered to the 46 veterans who completed the workshop, indicating significant improvements in resilience scores, with a "fairly decent moderate effect size" of about 15%, Dr.
Enhancing resilience to disasters is imperative for the stability, progress and well being of the nation.
But among the veterans who completed the program, there was a trend toward a greater degree of improvement among those with lower resilience scores at baseline than those with higher scores at baseline who completed the program, suggesting a differential effect of initial resilience level on outcome, he added.
Functional resilience incorporates many aspects of building design and construction, and while a very broad concept, designs that include provisions for functional resilience will tend to be more durable, robust, disaster resistant, have longer life expectancies, and be more readily adapted for reuse and even re-purposing.
In a study of rural community-dwelling older adults, high levels of resilience were found (Wells, 2009).