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5 million on admission to AIM in 2001 to over GBP1 billion- AIM continued to perform resiliently, raising GBP5.
continuing tough economic conditions the Group continues to trade resiliently.
National Express said last week that revenues for the quarter to September 30 were down 1% as a result of the higher debt costs and also reduced profitability in North America, although it said core operations in the UK and Spain continued to perform resiliently.
In terms of mood it's most reminiscent of I Stopped To Fill My Car Up, Performance And Cocktails' ominous bookend, and details a family resiliently surveying the results of a house flood.
National Express said: "Every cost is being looked at to ensure we come through the recession resiliently.
The themes of war, loss, and violence ran through most of the pictures, but a few were resiliently hopeful.
But the event failed to cast a shadow over the final day of the party's five-day conference in Brighton on the south coast of England and Blair appeared resiliently good-humored to the end on stage behind Reid, while the defense secretary quipped with Wolfgang, who had been invited to rejoin conference, about the dramatic ejection.
Resiliently they adjusted to the changes and completed college, settling for a time up North.
Michael O'Hanlon, a military and foreign affairs expert at the Brookings Institution, on April 8 was quoted as saying while he remained "guardedly or resiliently optimistic" about an ultimate US success, he was "much more nervous".
But while one of gay comics' favorite couples has resiliently weathered gay bashings, grandparenthood, and more gray mustache hairs than they can count, the book has closed on "Leonard & Larry," the comic strip, just shy of its 20th anniversary.
Humankind's impact on such an inhospitable place is at best precarious, yet for 3000 years, native peoples have resiliently exploited scarce natural resources to colonize the Atacama wilderness, building canals and aqueducts to irrigate fields, using water drawn from underground aquifers.
That is to say, there is something resiliently opaque at the basis of the constitution of Dasein's being-in-the-world which both resists phenomenological description and which is that in virtue of which the phenomenologist describes.