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National Express said: "Every cost is being looked at to ensure we come through the recession resiliently.
The themes of war, loss, and violence ran through most of the pictures, but a few were resiliently hopeful.
A rare example of a Jewish protag in an Australian film, bespectacled nerd Esther Blueburger (Danielle Catanzariti) resiliently weathers humiliations at a posh girls' school.
Michael O'Hanlon, a military and foreign affairs expert at the Brookings Institution, on April 8 was quoted as saying while he remained "guardedly or resiliently optimistic" about an ultimate US success, he was "much more nervous".
But while one of gay comics' favorite couples has resiliently weathered gay bashings, grandparenthood, and more gray mustache hairs than they can count, the book has closed on "Leonard & Larry," the comic strip, just shy of its 20th anniversary.
Humankind's impact on such an inhospitable place is at best precarious, yet for 3000 years, native peoples have resiliently exploited scarce natural resources to colonize the Atacama wilderness, building canals and aqueducts to irrigate fields, using water drawn from underground aquifers.
It's a relatively easy walk to the top, and the views south into the rugged, resiliently green canyons of the San Gabriel Wilderness are worthwhile.
Perhaps like Julie Hecht does, through this narrator: so exasperated by life, yet nevertheless resiliently curious about it all, determined to capture the malaise in prose, so that the hard freeing laughter of the absurd might open the windows after all, to let in fresh air.
Markets, he argued, by passing on "knowledge, diversity, wealth," enable us to respond resiliently to change.
Notwithstanding, this 'unique,' ethnic minority endured resiliently, both adapting and surviving--creating an ethnic community that is stable with functioning social institutions, such as the family, religion and elements of culture, intact.
Such a precariously balanced system always operates on the edge of collapse, yet responds resiliently to external stresses by returning in a characteristic way to its initial "critical" state.
Visiting Pakistan was my long-lasting wish and it's been amazing here, as journalists here expressed resiliently,' he said.