resistance to authority

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In 1846 the following crimes and offenses were brought to the Royal Audiencia: assault (12), attack and ill treatment (58), carrying prohibited weapons (16), adultery (2), rape (13), offense relating to abuse of power by government employees in the exercise of their functions (19), poisoning (2), escape from prisons and presidios (16), falsification of public documents (4), falsification of private deeds (1), homicide (166), blows and bad treatment (10), blows resulting in wounds (102), injury (1), immorality and scandalous acts (5), incest (1), arson (9), perjury (1), theft with arms (5), theft through swindling (201), resistance to authority (14), abduction or kidnapping (16), pillage (75), sedition and rebellion (1), and vagabondage and bad conduct (4).
However, rather than look at Magna Carta as a document of wisdom and magnanimity, the Durham exhibition will put it in the context of resistance to authority, including the Wars of the Roses, the Great Reform Act, women's suffrage and the recent Occupy movement.
They are accused of complicity in the seizure of a hostage, complicity in organizing the death threats, violence against a representative of authorities, hooliganism and resistance to authority according to the Criminal Code of Kyrgyzstan.
With a far richer haul of contemporary sailors' accounts, Lavery explores a unique culture of arcane rituals, camaraderie, resistance to authority, and the delights of the seedy side of naval dockyard towns, where pubs like the French Maid provided all the entertainment a sailor needed.
The defining feature of their anarchism was their accent on individual independence, refusal of all constraints on liberty, and resistance to authority, especially that of the established state.
He showed little penchant for resistance to authority until the day he resigned from Hotchkiss, a prestigious prep school in Connecticut, to protest hazing of younger students by seniors.
As for the abuse and resistance to authority by individual citizens, the courts will give assessment of their actions.
This is most strongly expressed toward the end of the book where resistance to authority is raised as a core Lutheran characteristic (and not simply submission to authority).
In Greece, however, the character remains a powerful icon of resistance to authority even though Karagiozis performances are now only practiced by a few enthusiasts.
The introduction gives an excellent overview of the role that music has played in political and social manifestations of power and resistance to authority.
In oppressive regimes forms of community media emerged as resistance to authority.
For all of his earlier resistance to authority, Bunyan, Pooley argues, was not "keen on 'willful resistance'" to King James II.

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