resistance to change

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Worse, there is resistance to change. Despite being asked to send and share information through secure government accounts, many officers continue to use private Yahoo and Gmail services,' Mr Afzal told the committee.
Previous studies have identified overcoming resistance to change as a predictor of change management.
These authors stated that specific (i.e., CS eliciting a conditional response [CR]) and/or nonspecific (i.e., CS suppresses or accelerates the rate of an operant response) Pavlovian effects may have modulated operant behavior during resistance to change tests (i.e., disrupting responding through operant extinction or satiation).
While resistance to change often causes RIM programs to fail at the enterprise level, there are pockets of compliance with RIM and IG policies and RIM procedures in many organizations.
The concept of inertia is used in everyday language to talk about resistance to change in individuals as well as in political and social structures, and in academic discourse it is applied, in one way or another, in fields as diverse as sociology, psychology, organizational studies, economics, political theory and philosophy.
Positive effects occur more slowly in older children due to the resistance to change commonly experienced by older children.
Kenneth Roberts, professor of pediatrics at the University of North Carolina, questioned whether the program directors' opinions "simply represent resistance to change" or whether they "signal significant issues to be addressed." He added, "The 2011 requirements were based on good intentions and the best data available.
Importantly, recent research has suggested that resistance to change may add strategic value to change planning and implementation, and should therefore be carefully discerned and managed (Downs, 2012; Ford, Ford & D'Amelio, 2008; Ford & Ford, 2010).
"The welfare state is a reversion to medieval and post-medieval mercantilism that contains the seeds of its own dissolution by aggrandizing man as producer over man as consumer, intensifying resistance to change, and generating xenophobia, stagnation and decay."
The logic of the study was to employ a variable that we called perceived resistance to change as the variable to be explained by the two models of symbolic value.
But in the north, there has been resistance to change and this is something we need to overcome.
Our active enemy is a sentimental but insidious attachment to things past - a resistance to change. Encouragingly, Jaguar, now modernised and flourishing, based on our advanced skills and components, is going on to a new phase.

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