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And the official version of all of these is nanlaban po (that they resisted arrest)?
Moreno had used marijuana and methamphetamine and resisted guards who tried to control him by firing plastic pellets filled with tear gas and by stunning him with a Taser gun, according to a deputy district attorney who determined the guards were not criminally liable for the inmate's death.
The peasants vigorously resisted the abbey's efforts, thereby sparking the Salpeter Wars, a series of protests and rebellions from 1725 to 1745 that required the repeated military intervention of the Austrian state, Hauenstein's overlord.
The 4-year study, led by the World Health Organization, shows that of people who had been treated for tuberculosis for less than a month, 36 percent harbored microbes that resisted at least one of the four main anti-tuberculosis drugs.
For this reason alone, police officers must remain aware that the "town drunk" who has not resisted arrest in a dozen past encounters with police may launch a deadly assault the 13th time.
Dressed in white shorts and a white leather racing jacket, Banyas resisted arrest and later complained that he hurt his head during the struggle, authorities said.
In The Social Meaning of Money, Viviana Zelizer examines the ways in which the popular classes in the United States have resisted the "flattening" of social relations by money that Georg Simmel predicted.
When Santamour tested the Asian dogwood species, Cornus kousa, it showed some leaf spotting but resisted the full-blown disease.
Deputies used pepper spray to subdue Angela Leatrice Williams, 29, of Palmdale, who they said resisted deputies called by bank officials, who were suspicious that Williams was trying to cash a forged check.
The officer said Yeam refused to get out of the car and resisted her when she pulled the keys from the ignition.
Simpson case, has once again resisted the lure of tabloidism.