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At length there sauntered up, on the opposite side of the way--with a bad pretense of passing by accident--a figure conspicuous for its dirty smartness, which after a great many frowns and jerks of the head, in resistence of the invitation, ultimately crossed the road and was brought into the shop.
Seeds were selected for such desirable characteristics as taste, freshness, size, extended harvest, and above all else, adaptation to local conditions and resistence to local diseases and pests.
Western redcedars' resistence to rot--which made the trees ideal for canoes, totem poles, and roofing--gives them long lives and the chance to reach goliath proportions.
From the point of view of the allurements offered to youth, all societies whether they are ready or not to globalize are likely to be affected just as immigrant groups in the United States were, although some, like the Islamic societies, are likely to offer sturdy resistence.
Mitigating factors, including large caseload size, elements of teacher resistence, and the absence of SLPs from regular education curriculum planning committees, appeared to coexist with forestalled attainment of collaborative service delivery.
The resistence of "Figurative" to its setting is confirmed by reproductions of the work in exhibition catalogues, which present it alone, lodged between ads for a bra and tampons.
Hagy said he had noticed no strong resistence to subscription prices even though he occasionally hears complaints about them.
Buzzard soon became a member of the Aladrue Task Force, the Division of Corrections Drug Task Force, and performed demonstrations for Drug Awareness Resistence Education (D.
There is an admitted resemblance to the the floor barre system, and the choreographic work of Daniel Meja, but emphasis on the working of the inside thigh muscles ("insufficiently developed in most dancers," Ettlin says) and the use of the resistence of the floor to build flexibility and strength are unique to Ettlin's class.
Were certain south Trans-jordanian polities still capable of military resistence as late as the 550s?
McMurray concluded that adequate levels of zinc and vitamin D directly affected resistence to tuberculosis.