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At length there sauntered up, on the opposite side of the way--with a bad pretense of passing by accident--a figure conspicuous for its dirty smartness, which after a great many frowns and jerks of the head, in resistence of the invitation, ultimately crossed the road and was brought into the shop.
KHANEWAL -- The traders staged a protest against the dacoity incident which claimed a trader's life on resistence, and chanted anti-police slogans.
FAISALABAD -- A man was killed by robbers for putting up resistence, in the precincts of Garh police station in the wee hours on Monday.
Coordinator of Popular Resistence Committee, Rateb al-Jabour, told the official agency that the Israeli authorities presented member of the village council, Amad Rashid, with a notice of an order to halt the development of water pipes and tanks around the village.
428 children and 6,036 women -- 49,699 were resistence fighters and 66,365 pre-regime militiammen and government forces.
This scenario could begin if VMRO-DPMNE's resistence against the proposal for composing a caretaker government continues.
It was Lingwal ( 51 not out) who provided some resistence as Sumit Narwal ( 2/ 30) and leftarm spinner Pawan Negi ( 2/ 41) derailed the Haryana batting.
Author David Gross goes on to cover governmental countermeasures to tax resistence, resistence techniques, the role of education and public relations in tax resistence, and what successful tax resistence measures are available and accessible to non-specialist general readers.
The match was already almost two hours old heading into the third set, but the Czechs' resistence could not last much longer.
Only Mahendra Singh Dhoni (44) and Virat Kohli (34) showed some resistence.
The 18-year-old went three games up after breaking her opponent early on before taking the first set, with the second a formality despite some late resistence by her Romanian opponent.