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Ils appellent toutes les institutions academiques, leurs professeurs et leurs etudiants, ainsi que le grand public, a "resister a ces tactiques d'intimidation et a defendre les principes de la liberte d'expression sur lesquels elles sont fondees, ainsi que toutes les societes libres et leurs institutions".
It is not clear to me that Purdie was a war resister, but his story is a clear example of a tradition of Canadians' engagement with, and often opposition to, war policy in its domestic and foreign spheres.
War resisters included French-Canadians, western farmers, Maritime Catholics, and church ministers.
Based on qualitative interviews, (1) this essay profiles "media resisters" and investigates practices of and reasons for resistance.
Ce resultat a permis a la Section paloise de s'emparer de la deuxieme place et a Brive de resister au retour des equipes visant la cinquieme place.
Similarly, draft resister Ken Hopper and his partner found adjusting to life in Canada to be difficult and employment elusive, prompting them to relocate to Spain before returning to Canada and ultimately settling in Toronto.
Sarah Bjorknas, a co-ordinator for the War Resisters Support Campaign, said Long would be returned to his unit based in Fort Knox, Kentucky.
He knew the people and languages of a Chinese resister village, an Igbo village, three Spanish-speaking villages made up of people from many countries, a Hindu village, and two villages of Swahili-speaking people from different countries.
After three months of hard labor, Iraq war resister and former Navy petty officer Pablo Paredes considers himself a free man.
Protestant theologian, resister of the Nazi evil, he was executed just one month before the end of the war.
One afternoon Tom, an unusually upbeat draft resister from Sonoma, came back from his job oil the farm.
The 21-year-old, who is believed to suffer from learning disabilities, was ambushed at his home by members of Groom Resisters Scotland on Tuesday, April 30.