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It certainly supports the editors' claims that "military conflict and mobilization in Canada have never gone unchallenged or unquestioned," and that "Canada's war resisters were a complex, active, and multifaceted group.
War resisters included French-Canadians, western farmers, Maritime Catholics, and church ministers.
From his broad and deep primary research in the archives of tax resisters, anti-tax groups, and the public authorities they bombarded with petitions, letters, and testimony, Huret concludes that the anti-tax activists have not hated taxes in general, but progressive taxes in particular.
Because we have been given no direct voice in how our tax monies are allocated, a tax resister decides what to pay to Uncle Sam and what to redirect to life-affirming causes.
Ce soir, c'est l'heure de verite pour le gouvernement de Netanyahu, va-t-il resister aux pressions americaines ou affirmer au monde entier le droit du peuple juif de construire sur sa terre", a estime Tzipi Hotovli, deputee du Likoud.
SUPA's aid efforts went into high gear when they hired a draft resister by the name of Mark Satin.
The first female Iraq war resister to come to Canada continues her fight for refuge.
Canada has deported a US army deserter who fled three years ago, marking the first time a resister to the US war in Iraq has been expelled from the country.
He knew the people and languages of a Chinese resister village, an Igbo village, three Spanish-speaking villages made up of people from many countries, a Hindu village, and two villages of Swahili-speaking people from different countries.
Originally written by American draft resister Mark Satin, the Manual was revised, published, and distributed by the Toronto Anti-Draft Programme.
After three months of hard labor, Iraq war resister and former Navy petty officer Pablo Paredes considers himself a free man.
Protestant theologian, resister of the Nazi evil, he was executed just one month before the end of the war.