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As Brecht had parodied the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, (1) Savinio rationalizes past events through a deconstruction of the myth of the dictator as a supernatural being.
Since the real estate market, a aditional rival of the precious metal, is also depressed, the appeal of trinsic value of gold is becoming resistible," says an official of the National Commodity Exchange Ltd.
The resistible rise of Islamophobia: Anti-Muslim racism in the UK and Australia before 11 September 2001.
One of the earliest plays performed by Ajoka in 1985 was an adaptation of 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle, The good person Sezuan, The three penny Opera and the Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui.
26) Philip Hanson, "The Resistible Rise of State Control in the Russian Oil Industry," Eurasian Geography and Economics 50, no.
at any rate at any rate at any rate there could be there could be there could be no doubt no doubt no doubt that she had that she had that she had found found found the the the temptation temptation temptation of the of the of the flesh resistible flesh resistible flesh resistible .
Though he is analogous to the prologue in European theater--the barker in Brecht's The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui comes to mind--he also resembles the meddah (storyteller) who both recounts and acts out the tales he tells, traditionally, in the marketplace and in the theater of the Algerian playwright Abdelkader Alloula.
In this paper, a public key cryptosystem using Number theoretic transforms (NTT) [7, 8, and 12] over the ring of integer modulo a composite number n resistible against brute force attack is discussed.
It was a case of resistible force against moveable object.
14) John Stokes, Resistible Theatres, London, 1972, 85.
While his instrnmentalism may be resistible, there is no question that proponents of realism will have to regroup to successfully meet the challenge--Alan C.