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"The fact is that targeting efficiency requires a delicate balance between driving and resistive forces.
Most electronic loads using resistive elements are fabricated by end-users wanting high-power, low-cost solutions for their testing needs, sacrificing dynamic loading and programmable protection capabilities.
The main purpose of the constant power generator is to maintain the constant power dissipation across the resistive load:
Radiological Evaluation for Resistive Index of Renal Interlobar Arteries
Resistive touch screen technology is expected to retain its dominance over other touch modes driven by its versatility of use and sheer economies of scale it has gathered in panel Industrial PC market.
In order to show the cyclic resistive switching characteristics of the metal oxide film, thicker [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] = 20 nm (deposited by ALD with the same conditions) was used in an Al/[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]/Al/Glass stacked structure and electrically characterized before and after the final thermal treatment applied to the device.
The optimization of the geometry of spark gap, and effects of spark gap resistance and inductance during its resistive phase period on the performance of laser system is optimized and calculated numerically.
Gray scale ultrasound was performed first, followed by doppler ultrasound of transplanted kidney and resistive index was calculated.
However, as resistive loads are usually only a small part of any data centre's total power consumption the influence of a lagging power factor (pf) <0.8 due to reactive loads is underestimated or even ignored.
The resistive losses of the wheelchair tires and entire wheelchair systems have been measured experimentally using component-level analysis [10], treadmill [11-12], dynamometer [13], and roll-down tests [8,14-16].
These properties lend themselves well to the use of germanium chalcogenides in phase-memory, conductive-bridging RAM, and Resistive RAM devices.
A theoretical study of switching power converters with PFC were discussed in (Tse and Chow, 2000; Tse, 2003) in which the resistive behaviour were elaborated in an open loop.