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Resistive memory is receiving significant attention from academia and the electronics industry because it has a simple structure, high-density integration, fast operation and long endurance.
In the majority of situations where officers confront resistive subjects, such a response is not acceptable.
AVX's high-power rated resistive products have been tested and manufactured to ensure consistent performance, reliability, and durability," said Chris Reynolds, product manager at AVX.
Touch International's MulTI-Touch Projected Capacitive touch screen and Multi-Touch Analog Resistive (MARS) touch screen are two of the leading multi-touch technologies on the market and allow for up to 10-finger input.
com), a pioneer developer of multi-touch sensing technology, today introduced a demo, evaluation and development board based on its patented PMatrix(TM) resistive multi-touch technology, which lets users simultaneously move an unlimited number of fingers, nails or utensils (such as styli) on a screen.
Furthermore, the decay time of the inductive voltage signal after ending the current ramp is longer near the onset of the resistive transition.
The nonthreatening Resistive Exerciser can be used to introduce muscle-strengthening exercise to residents who can't use traditional devices.
In addition to providing capacitive touch capability, the new Xtrinsic touch sensing platform adds gesture recognition to resistive screens for markets and situations in which capacitive screens are not a viable option.
The OleumTech Resistive Sensor and Wireless Transmitter is an intrinsically safe, battery-powered, self-contained solution that is ideal for deployment in harsh, hazardous areas where trenching and running conduit is not an option or economical.
Contract notice: Research, development, delivery and assistance to commissioning benches resistive load of 4 mw.
And these resistive forces occur without the use of an additional elastomeric material.
Of the four enabling technologies that constitute Quantum's breakthrough Laser Guided Magnetic Recording (LGMR) technology, two are found in the DCM: Pivoting Optical Servo (POS) and the Magneto Resistive Cluster (MRC) heads.