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4, will be subjected to proximity effect and skin effect and thus heated resistively.
Since the resistance and reactance curves are effectively locked together by virtue of the electrical characteristics and geometry of the antenna elements, it would seem apparent that the only way to stop the ringing is to resistively load the elements.
To calculate the total insertion loss for a specific link, consider the broadband resistively matched link shown in Figure 7.
Larger radius cathodes have a higher tolerance for nanosecond current spike that resistively heat small ra cathodes to the melting point and trigger a destructive arc.
25-[micro]m film thickness that is resistively heated and can be programmed at a much higher rate than conventional ovens.
Resistively loaded plates or disks universally showed reflection and rereflection patterns yielding high amplitude swings over the bandwidth.
Resistively heated High Pressure Cell to 6000 psig and 300 C.
To achieve wide-bandwidth at the VHF/L-band operating frequencies, a circular array of eight resistively loaded bow-tie printed circuit dipoles is used, as shown in Figure A1.
It is demonstrated that an array consisting of resistively loaded bow-tie antenna [43], of the kind developed for GPR work, and could be used to realize such a screening system.
The class of suitable antennas that can be considered is restricted to TEM horns, resistively loaded antennas, biconical antennas, loaded dipoles and bow-tie antennas.
Therefore, a resistively terminated LO input would require a higher drive level to pump the mixer.