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Stakeholders may also want to understand to what extent the insurer denies and resists claims.
Depending on the type resist the equipment is designed for reactive plasma etching (Reactive Ion Etching - RIE) (not) exposed to positive and negative resists.
* learn to use new materials, resists and dyes on silk.
From her results, she speculates that the Polypterus and Eusthenopteron pattern successfully resists the stresses that arise during slurping, while the Phonerpeton and Acanthostega pattern would better resist the stresses during grab-and-bite dining.
LDI dry film resists have been improved significantly over three generations in terms of photospeed, resolution and process latitude.
While tutor and tutee may communicate best if they share common disciplinary knowledge, as Munger and Waring imply, a tutor who solicits and draws out a student's disciplinary knowledge and resists taking on the role of expert can accomplish much as well.
An excellent candidate for low- and high-temperature seals, gaskets and hoses, the newest Zetpol 4300 grade is a fully saturated HNBR that resists temperatures from -40[degrees]C to 175[degrees]C.
But more often than not, Hollywood's popes have been icons of a medieval and institutional church that resists modernity and reform.
Further, one must not automatically accept Paul's dictum that one who "resists authority resists what God has appointed ...
When Music Resists Meaning: The Major Writings of Herbert Brun, edited by Arun Chandra.
Yet Morrall's book resists this categorization on two levels.
Atryl TCA resists microcracking, resulting in at least 90% fewer paint pops, says AOC.