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They have made suggestions on how the building could be improved including resiting the bin store away from the entrance to the site, the use of timber gates rather than a barrier and the use of render rather than brick.
Should some development in medical technology in ten years or so require an extension to the hospital, or even the resiting of walls and services, the trust would have to negotiate a new contract, entailing revised leasing charges.
We will also advise Ms McPherson on the resiting of the pipework, for which we will cover all costs.
THE Turf Club plans to get work underway on resiting the road at the back of the Curragh grandstand within a few months.
West joined Asda in 1997 from Sainsbury as general store manager of the Scunthorpe store and a year later managed the resiting of the West Bridgford store.
A spokeswoman for Cardiff council said that changes had been made to the overall development to include the resiting of the proposed hotel and proposed floodlit pitches further away from existing housing.
Government guidelines may suggest a massive camera resiting programme, but insiders say there are clauses in the recommendations that say cameras which have been proved to catch high levels of speeding motorists can stay in their original positions.
The charity cites a number of schemes in Neath-Swansea and Conwy for an incinerator and resiting a school on a landfill site respectively where "commercial confidentiality" has been claimed as a way of residents and parents being prevented from getting information.
As well as a new gym, cash will be made available for such projects as a new library, a parents' room and resiting the nursery.
Contract notice: a managed service for the removal, storage, installation & resiting, maintenance and service of stairlifts, through floor lifts and ceiling track hoists.
The TAP group received larger doses of bupivacaine, and while many TAP catheters required resiting (45%), two out of the 31 patients in the epidural group required their epidurals resited.
G Cooper, boundary wall and railings, resiting of vehicular entrance, raising level of land and erection of pergola at 18 Church Lane.