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Finally, the new acrylic polymer has carefully balanced hydrophilic functionality to give good resolubility and lapping at 100 VOC, but still have excellent water resistance after an overnight dry.
24), where the questions not covered were inherent to the criterion of resolubility (Table 3).
Comments: Joncryl FLX 5000-A is a self-cross-linking, RC acrylic emulsion with excellent press resolubility, heat seal resistance and adhesion to polyolefin films that can be used to enhance the performance of flexible packaging inks, and helps develop high quality graphics with excellent rub, wet crinkle and deep freeze resistance for bread bags, frozen food bags, paper goods overwraps, heavy duty shipping sacks, shrink film overwraps and more.
We can also note a greater resolubility of the services where the Program doctors work, due to the broader range of procedures offered at the first level of care.
High rates of hospitalization for such conditions in a population may be the result of a lack of timely and effective attention to health problems, difficult access to health services, low entailment in primary care services, spontaneous search for specialized services or emergency, which is characteristic of the individual seeking health services or even the low resolubility and effectiveness of the health services in general.
Morcryl 460 Plus, based on the next generation neutral pH chemistry, can also enable the formulator to make high strength dispersions with excellent gloss, improved resolubility and transfer.
The wrong resin can disrupt the final ink formulation's viscosity, letdown performance, stability, gloss, transparency, rheology, resolubility, water resistance and dry speed.
Joncryl FLX 5000 Comments: Joncryl FLX 5000 is a self-crosslinking emulsion with excellent press resolubility that rivals solvent-based ink performance on polyethylene film.
Polymers enhance the color, stability, gloss, drying speed, resolubility and resistance properties of an ink or coating," said Rick Krause, printing and packaging business manager for BASF Resins.
They have very low residual solvent in the dried ink and fast resolubility on the press.
Comments: Joncryl 2037 is an improved alkaline resistant non-film forming acrylic emulsion that combines improved chemical resistance to household cleaners and alkaline solutions with very good resolubility and easy press clean up.
It exhibits excellent gloss, flow and leveling, resolubility and very good holdout.