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Miss Maria took out her handkerchief and wiped her eyes; but Miss Patty came resolutely back from the regions of sentiment to those of business.
But at this moment his eyes closed involuntarily, to receive more resolutely the terrible avalanche which was about to fall on his head, and to engulf his life.
But he resolutely held the door of his tepee, inside which he had placed the culprit, and refused to permit the vengeance for which his tribespeople clamoured.
Mosey was too resolutely bent on asserting her own importance, by making the most of the alarm that she had suffered, to be repressed by any ordinary method of remonstrance.
Her fingers closed gently, and yet resolutely, on the Doctor's arm.
Or had I, without meaning it, forced on her inner knowledge some deeply seated feeling which she had thus far resolutely ignored?
Well, zen," said the man, resolutely, "I'm go' 'pol'gize
She resolutely said, "I know not whether Jupiter will allot the prize to my son, but this I do know, that he is at least in the eyes of me his mother, the dearest, handsomest, and most beautiful of all.
He showed me the clothing, which I resolutely put on; the letters, which I put into my pocket.
I know that at the time I was confident, I had discovered the formula for squaring the circle; but I resolutely deferred the working of it out until after the examinations.
Campbell and ask him for his name for my square," said Cecily resolutely.
She looked at him with the cry of surprise suspended on her lips--waited a little with her eyes fixed on Fir Patrick's face--struggled resolutely, and composed herself.