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And even Market Basket customers are inspired by the resoluteness of the workers and took out a full-page ad in The Lowell Sun, vowing to continue their boycott of the stores until employees' demands are met.
At any level of football, your centre-backs have to offer dependability, reliability, resoluteness and resilience.
Examining the case of John Kerry in 2004, the authors illustrate that both flip-flopping and resoluteness are constructed across a series of communicative events, as journalists highlight apparent inconsistencies in candidates' speeches and as candidates attempt to answer their critics by signaling conviction in their subsequent public performances.
I eventually understood his silence to be a sign of his resoluteness, of his determination to wait.
There is optimism and resoluteness in the UAE economy
The Saddlers' resoluteness defied free-scoring Orient, the only side with a 100 per cent record in the country going into the match, having won eight out of eight.
This threat cannot be wished away, it has to be fought back with courage, conviction and resoluteness of the entire nation.
Herman Van Rompuy said he is impressed by resoluteness of the people of Kyrgyzstan to advance democracy in difficult and sharply changing conditions.
Undoubtedly no transition to democracy comes without difficulty so it requires forbearance, resoluteness and collective will.
Bulgaria is in good financial health thanks to my resoluteness.
He said that the time we live in calls for resoluteness and bravery and pointed out that in the next elections the battle between the parties of the political left, right and center will be fought between those being in favor and against a democratic Macedonia.
African societies should strive to attain middle-class status, as this group strengthens economic resoluteness.