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In the prophecy of the suffering servant, his resoluteness is dramatically described: 'He set his face like flint towards Jerusalem.'
Speaking to the team members, His Highness said: With your dedication and the vision of the wise leadership of our beloved country, we march into the future with the resoluteness and knowledge necessary to overcome challenges and become one of the top 10 countries in the world in Ease of Doing Business.
I saw same straining muscles, the same resoluteness, but I also saw them acknowledging us, smiling as they heard someone shouting their name, waving as they heard the cheering of bystanders urging them on.
In her condolence message while showing sympathies with the other members of bereaved family, Shireen Mazari has said that Begam Kulsoom Nawaz was a courageous lady who confronted political adversity and illness with a resoluteness and quiet dignity.
"Thanks to the in-depth vision of our wise leadership and the solid determination of our youth, the UAE has become a land of achievements across all domains, a fact that adds to the resoluteness of our knights to earn the country's sports track record more trophies and accolades," said Shaikh Hamdan.
Yet ever since its birth in the early 1930s, the Communist Party of China has consistently displayed remarkable resilience, patience, persistence and resoluteness. It has simultaneously fought two enemies from almost the time of the Party's naissance - the KMT government under General Chiang Kai Shek enjoying support of the USA as well as the USSR and the Japanese invaders.
The steadfast Pakistani nation is forever united in its resoluteness to promote peace within the country and across the globe.
That spirit suffuses this volume, from "Because," a gentle poem addressed to sons and daughters, to reflections on the strengths of ancestors in "I Am a Mirror." But there's also resoluteness behind these poems, a willingness to hint at big themes--age, death, loss, independence, heaven, the auction block and the middle passage, and an encouragement to take a stand.
Even with our new defensive resoluteness, when faced with the fire power the elite can call up you need the luck of a pocketful of four-leaf clovers, particularly if you annoy them by scoring first.
"We will continue to work with consistency and resoluteness to promote our common goals."
But they had to succumb to the couple's resoluteness and determination.
Counter-terrorism operations were a message to the international community about Turkey's resoluteness in fighting terrorism that threatens international and regional peace, Celik said.