resolution of the court

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The SC reversed a September 30, 2009 decision and a January 22, 2010 resolution of the Court of Appeals that upheld the dismissal of the cases.
But the Supreme Court upheld the resolution of the court of the agrarian department during the time of Arroyo, and also during the first year of President Aquino.
There is the erstwhile now penniless Dr Joe who continues to claim resolution of the court judgement in his favour, but has not seen a razoo because a suggested 'shadowy defendant' is allegedly powerful enough to thwart the imposition and enforcement of the law.
However, the local San Luis Potosi office of SEDENA has decided to not grant the company its quarterly explosives permit renewal for the first quarter of 2010 pending resolution of the court hearing.
The ultimate outcome and timing for resolution of the court cases remains uncertain at this stage, adding any potential rating action is by no means inevitable or imminent.
The Bluebirds' financial situation following the FA Cup run and the impending resolution of the court battle with Langston is now such that they won't be forced into selling either Ramsey or Ledley just to keep the club afloat.
The local government organizations also may ask the FCC or the courts to stay the order pending a resolution of the court challenge.
In the meantime the club is still generating cash and we hope to able to survive until the resolution of the court case and sell the club before we run out of cash.
With resolution of the court cases the companies have paid their arrears.
Meanwhile, city attorney Tim Marx said that his office is reviewing whether the city must re-issue a license to the gun shop pending resolution of the court case.
The issuance of such a summons suspends the statute of limitations for assessment of tax until after a final resolution of the court proceeding to enforce or quash the summons.
The timing on the resolution of the court case is uncertain and oral arguments are expected to be heard, by the NYS Court of Appeals at the earliest, in September.