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11 DCF, the stations double their contention counter as long as a collision occurs (both an insolvable collision and a resolvable collision are included).
Iran tensions were eminently resolvable political issues rather than profoundly complex existential identity or territorial issues.
Serrated Light Illumination for Deflection-Encoded Recording (SLIDER) deflects light beams at a rate of one resolvable spot per picosecond.
The concept on fuzzy resolvable and fuzzy irresolvable spaces was introduced by G.
According to Danny Zeidman of the Israeli NGO Ir Amim, quoted by Ha'aretz, "Allowing Jewish extremists to enter into the heart of the Muslim quarter carries the danger of turning a resolvable political conflict into a violent religious one.
Abu Dhabi The Palestinian-Israeli conflict "is resolvable, and the US is literally working every day to build this trust," said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday.
Heidelberg, Germany) first present the classical treatment in chapters that address the local (gauge) symmetry systems as singular Lagrangian systems, the classical Hamiltonian formulation based on the work of Dirac, the symplectic approach for handling singular systems, second class systems where quantization poses some problems resolvable by gauge theory, and the Hamilton-Jacoby formulation of the classical dynamics of constrained systems.
All these issues are easily and simply resolvable, with most solutions revolving around hiring and training competent people and implementing good systems that actually work,.
While on its face this appeared to be a potential conflict of interest relative to the expectation that the broker represents the corporate buyer, this conflict was in the opinion of many a buyer, easily resolvable by full transparency in transactions.
Resolvable issues such as Siachen and Sir Creek should not be made hostage to these.
But it looks like humananimal conflicts are not easily resolvable.
This approach frees morality from the liberal Kantian and Neo-Kantian requirement that conflicts and disagreements must be rationally resolvable through reference to universal principles, agent-neutral values, and proceduralism.