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8 I resolve to make better use of my employees' time.
Phil Palmieri resolves to be clear and concise on the council floor; in other words, to try something new.
Mediation offers great promise to help resolve conflict in health care organizations.
The Fast Track Dispute Resolution Program provides a great opportunity to taxpayers to resolve issues at the lowest possible level within the IRS.
Once the issues of the conflict are identified and understood, an identified decision maker must be able to evaluate information in light of resolution policies and to make the decision to resolve the conflict in a specific way that is acceptable to the agency and the client.
He said, third force always took advantage whenever issues were tried to resolve through agitating politics.
The campus police at Worcester State University resolve to bring their lunch to work.
REsolve will continue to market and support its flag-.
2002-44) is a nonbinding program that uses a mediator, either an IRS Appeals Officer who has not been involved in the case or a team consisting of an independent Appeals Officer and a non-IRS mediator, to facilitate communications between the Appeals Officer and the taxpayer to resolve a case.
Under Fast Track Mediation, an Appeals Officer or Appeals Team Case Leader will serve as mediator to help the parties resolve factual issues.