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According to RCB spokesman, Qaiser Mehmood, the RCB's public facilitation center received 100 complaints from the residents regarding electricity of which 48 were resolved, whereas out of 50 complaints regarding water supply 19 were resolved on urgent basis.
If this issue had to be resolved by both arch rival countries then why mediation offer was given by Donald Trump to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and why it has not yet been resolved.
around three quarters of appeals resolved to date (33,308) did not result in any change in rateable value.
He said, 'During last quarter that spans from April to June, 6975 complaints against different power companies have been received out of which 6292 have been resolved'.
The annual general meeting resolved to discharge the board members and the managing director from liability.
Among the petitions to be resolved is the petition of National Youth Commission (NYC) chair Ronald Cardema to become the substitute nominee of the Duterte Youth party-list group after his wife, Ducielle Marie Suarez Cardema, and four other nominees backed out.
Furthermore, he said BPS was concerned with the prevalence of Gender Based Violence (GBV), hence the five-day conference had also resolved to undertake research to find the root causes of GBV and evidence based interventions.
Mahmood said that 80% gas related issues of Peshawar city have already been resolved while the remaining 20% would soon be resolved.
The PM office found resolution of complaints in haste without proper processing just to show 'positive progress', and marking a complaint as 'resolved' while it was related to some other organisation.
On the other hand, the federal government departments resolved 40 per cent of the complaints and Gilgit-Baltistan 0.02 per cent while Azad Jammu and Kashmir departments failed to resolve even a single of 1,644 complaints filed through the system.
Taking part in the debate on PanamaLeakes in the National Assembly, he said that even most difficult issues could be resolved in the parliament rather taking into rallies.
Do people sometimes believe that their serial argument was resolved only to see it return?