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Resolver offers an integrated risk management platform that supports the response and recovery process.
For many scenarios, then, these link resolver landing pages are in a sense the library's homepage, and they're a mess.
Converting a resolver output to digital is more involved than a simple analog to digital conversion, requiring a special resolver-to-digital converter chip or a digital signal processor chip.
Aunque esta actitud vale mas que la primera ayudando a resolver determinada cuestion, tampoco sirve para cambiar al conjunto de la injusta realidad que causa esos y los demas problemas.
But it really wasn't at the level of an OpenURL resolver, which is supposed to find the article represented in a citation, not just the journal in which the article is published.
This order of the Rosetta Resolver system by a biopharmaceutical company of the caliber of Immunex is further evidence of the strength of the Rosetta Resolver gene expression system for the analysis of the genetic causes of disease in combination with DNA microarrays," said Stephen Friend, M.
Both servo motors and frequency-drive motors require some sort of position-feedback device, which can range from simple limit switches to encoders and resolvers.
We all had a giggle about the complaints we'd made that turned out to be totally our fault (and btw, you can use Resolver to pass on comments and thanks - and confessions - to businesses too).
Supports up to 12 resolver sensors on a single network connection
These data provided combined click-through counts to journal titles from the openURL resolver, e-journal A-Z lists, and links in catalog records to the journal titles.
In terms of value, power and usability, partnering with SAS offers the best solution available to our joint customers," said Mark Opausky, Co-founder and President, BPS Resolver Inc.