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As a good-will gesture, Mitt Romney resolves to buy everyone who voted for him their own island.
Fast-track mediation would be available to taxpayers as a way to resolve factual differences at the examination level, thus avoiding more costly and lengthier alternatives (such as an appeal or litigation).
Good leaders should be able to look ahead and predict when and where disputes are going to arise, and then act effectively to resolve them.
The procedure mandates that the Examination Division (hereinafter "Exam") resolve all "timing" issue adjustments as accounting method changes, prescribes rigid guidelines for the resolution of method change issues by Exam, and otherwise circumscribes the authority of Exam to resolve accounting method issues.
Tim Murray resolves to use a state helicopter the next time he decides to survey storm damage.
An Appeals officer or government counsel may resolve a timing issue on a non-accounting method change basis using either an alternative-timing or a time-value-of-money resolution.
You want to make sure that you establish the procedure to resolve problems.