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Instead of just getting good at resolving particular disputes, it's important to figure out why they keep coming up," he counsels.
He pointed out that the Code and IRS procedures also delineate clear lines of authority between Counsel, Appeals, and the field in respect of resolving issues.
Because of the tremendous cost of defensive medicine to society, which is conservatively estimated at $15 billion annually, several efforts are under way to evaluate ADR in resolving medical malpractice claims.
Proposed Procedure Is Cumbersome, Burdensome, and Antithetical to Resolving Issues at the Lowest (or Any) Level
There has been a delay of more than 30 days in resolving the taxpayer's account problems;
Do you think it's going to be effective in resolving issues?
An Appeals officer or government counsel has flexibility in resolving a timing issue.
How can the goal of resolving cases without litigation be attained?
estate tax cases and cases involving smaller entities); this would provide a more meaningful test of the potential of mediation in resolving tax disputes.
My interest coincides with a basic DR principle of resolving the dispute at the earliest possible stage.