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Furthermore, they have a very good resolving power of the detected pollution concentration (expressed in mg/[m.
Optical engineers and physicists turn to mathematical expressions to reflect the resolving power of optics.
The Advanced X-ray telescope's resolving power is 10 times greater.
The low resolving power of the laser printer for the drawings was also a factor in this decision.
The electron microscope was developed to look for more detail because of its higher resolving power and magnification; it is especially useful for examining carbon black structure and crystallization patterns in polymers.
High Resolving Power, Broadband Spectroscopy for Nuclear Materials Control
However, our ability to look at DNA molecules is limited by the resolving power of currently used nanoscopy technologies, most of which can discern structures located few tens of nanometers apart.
This government has seriously focused on resolving power crisis through initiating several power projects which would result in adding 10000 Mega Watt in the national grid system by the year 2018, he said.
The PTI leader appealed for rapid action from the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for resolving power crisis saying that he should show mercy to the children and people of the nation.
The 66 dishes of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) can be placed as far as 16 kilometers (10 miles) apart, producing nearly the resolving power of a 16-km-wide telescope.
Ion packets separated by IMS are analyzed by a TOF with ~40,000 resolving power and ~3-ppm mass measurement accuracy.