resort to

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After watching their PyeongChang dream become an illusion, the town chief said residents now want to remodel the wretched resort to an arboretum on their own initiative.
"A destination as removed from the wider world as Inle Lake demands a resort where detachment and contemplation are priorities, and this award reaffirms Sanctum Inle Resort's reputation as the first truly upscale resort to come online in this incredible part of the world," said Arnaud.
It has elevated its resorts operations manager to group resorts development manager; moved a general manager from one resort to a corporate-wide post; and moved an assistant resort manager into the general managerOs spot in Hoi An.
Expansions include 38 new guest rooms at 25 remodeled rooms at McKinley Village Lodge; a new 1,500-square-foot building at McKinley Chalet Resort to house Denali Park Resorts' Explore Denali outdoor adventure center; 48 remodeled rooms at McKinley Resort and an expanded Courtyard Cafe restaurant at McKinley Chalet Resort.
A pedestrian and biking trail leads from the resort to the nearby village of Ojai and its numerous art galleries, restaurants and trinket shops.
The first major new four-season ski resort to be developed in 22 years, Tamarack turned to Kennedy for funding in the critical first phase of the multimillion-dollar project.
Does the decision to resort to force emanate from proper authority?