resort to arms

References in classic literature ?
Many of the Tahitians were at first disposed to resort to arms, and drive the invaders from their shores; but more pacific and feebler counsels ultimately prevailed.
"It is useless to waste words, and we cannot resort to arms, for you have us entirely in your power.
The Southern Transitional Council must not resort to arms but instead turn to dialogue to air their grievances and resolve their differences.
The UK approach that emerged this week clearly adopts the US intelligence community's assessment that Hezbollah is a "multifaceted, disciplined organization that combines political, social, paramilitary and terrorist elements, and we assess that any decision by the group to resort to arms or terrorist tactics is carefully calibrated."
He sets the resort to arms on 19 April in the context of the imperial crisis ignited by the Boston Tea Party, which provoked the British resolve to crack down on the insurgent colony of Massachusetts Bay and its radical epicenter in Boston and led inexorably to a war the colonists never wanted and the Crown did not foresee.
It is however highly dangerous to take resort to arms instead of resolving the issues through peaceful means including mutual talks and arbitration.
Telecommunications Minister Butros Harb said the important lesson the Lebanese should learn from the Civil War is never to resort to arms to resolve their political differences.
Sheik Abdusselam Barzani was co-founder of first Kurdistan political organisation "Irshad" that advocated independence in 1912 and was first one to resort to arms [i] -- for which Ottoman Turks hanged him in September 1914 in Mosul.
Despite this, a stronger HDP may actually contribute to the solution of the PKK problem in Turkey because if there is a pro-Kurdish political party in Parliament, the armed branch of the Kurdish movement will lose its excuse to resort to arms in order to make its aspirations be heard.
Al-Bashir warns rebel groups against insistence to resort to arms to resolve outstanding issues.
Faraj Bohashim, spokesman of the Tobruk-parliament, accused the international community of siding "with the party that rejected election results and preferred to resort to arms".
While hundreds of young members of the Muslim Brotherhood struggle to self restrain and hold back their reactions while seeing their own friends and relatives languish behind bars in military jails and receive harsh death and life prison sentences, these young men are coming under enormous pressure from their peers inside armed groups such as ISIS and others who urge them to resort to arms.