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RESORT. The authority or jurisdiction of a court. The supreme court of the United States is a court of the last resort.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Also attracted here is slumming swell Paul (Ryan Farley), a self-confessed "drunkard and bum" intoxicated further by the idealistic high he gets from being "down amongst the common people." He's dragged uptight socialite wife Clara (Julie Fitzpatrick) down with him this time, hoping to convert her to the cause -- which could be useful, since she's sister to the never-seen president of the strong-arm-deploying Resorters Assn.
For example, young fun lovers tend to live in cities, to be single and well educated, and to have a wide variety of interests; sun resorters also live in or near cities but are usually older, married, and not as well educated.
The people here now comprise the summer resorters of the three principal cities before mentioned.
The resorters do not recognize the men's plight and, with nightfall, both the lighthouse and the shore disappear.
(17) At first the tourist and resort business was merely incidental to the much more important mining, lumber, and farming industries, but in 1912 the Grand Rapids Press proclaimed in a full-page story that "resorters bring prosperity." The story stated that railroads and steamships were among the chief benefactors, but even small resort operators were grateful for the substantial supplement to their income from farming which they gained by courting the resort trade.