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Members of the Rail Maritime and Transport union voted "resoundingly in favour" of strikes in a ballot called to voice opposition to the "downgrading" of the guards' safety role on trains.
LONG-SERVING Tory Sir Patrick Cormack, MP for South Staffordshire, has been "resoundingly" endorsed as the constituency's Conservative candidate at the next general election, after two previous abortive attempts to "deselect" him.
'Employers have resoundingly indicated that current and expected pensions legislation is more of a hindrance than a help.
Five one-day trophies later, Durham at least gave them a scare until order was resoundingly restored.
The voices that particularly catch the ear are those of Elaine Ward (Mona), Lisa Lilwall (Angel) and Allan Recardo who, as the Sheriff, scores resoundingly with six harmonious Cowboys in Good Old Girl.
Leyland workers have voted resoundingly in favour of wage reform, bringing nearer the prospect of industrial peace.
Carolyn Sampson's soprano was simply and resoundingly beautiful.
Sensibly sticking to their hits, and just a handful of new songs from forthcoming album Red Book, the answer proved to be resoundingly positive.
If and when the referendum for an assembly in the West Midlands is called, I hope it is resoundingly rejected.
These were minor quibbles in the context of a resoundingly magnificent performance, however.
Hutchings is hopeful of turning the tie around and said: 'I don't like getting beat, but to be honest, we could have easily been beaten resoundingly.
Members of the Staffordshire-based Britannia Building Society yesterday resoundingly backed the organisation's anti-demutualisation candidates in a board election.