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21, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- "The predictably disgusting recommendation by the NRA to turn our schools into armed camps must be resoundingly rejected.
The plain fact of the matter is the high street favourite has gone resoundingly off the boil.
The 2005 disaster killed 1833 people as the US government resoundingly failed to deal with the floods.
The House of Representatives resoundingly voted to prohibit spending any tax dollars on deploying ground forces in Libya and narrowly defeated a measure to speed up a timetable for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.
The Bluebirds are without a win in three, have the scars of last year's play-offs to overcome and were resoundingly booed off the park during their last home game, a depressing 3-0 reverse against Middlesbrough.
So the British public could have the opportunity to resoundingly reject AV, and now we have Vince Cable wittering on about betrayal and breaches of faith.
He may claim parenthood of the "Third Way" between Marxism and capitalism but his multiple bank accounts fall resoundingly in favor of a tyrannical corruption of the later
This young soldier who served a tour in Afghanistan had a resoundingly promising career ahead of him in the Canadian Forces," said Lanthier.
That is truly a rounded education, resoundingly endorsed in this year's re s u l t s.
Legal experts, however, say the US resoundingly won the first round as Brussels awaits a con-fidential verdict in September in a countersuit alleging illegal US aid for Boeing.
This year again marks Emirates as the official partner for the FIFA World Cup 2010 following its resoundingly successful collaboration with FIFA in 2006.
In his Budget reply speech last month, Mr Abbott vowed to resurrect the core elements of WorkChoices, the policy that was so resoundingly rejected by Australian voters less than three years ago, said ACTU President Sharan Burrow.