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Asset transfers from a resource provider to a recipient organization are not contributions if one or more of these conditions exist:
This data may be physical data, biological data, and/or chemical data that characterize the water resource in its present condition.
The concept of the professional serving as a resource for his or her own community is a particularly exciting aspect of the future as it relates to ADA.
In every RPA Program to date, the Forest Service has tried to stimulate investment in its noncommodity resource programs, but additional appropriations and program emphasis generally did not materialize.
edu/Data_Fountains/) is an open-source software system and a service for automated or semi-automated Internet resource discovery and metadata generation.
Through a software layer in the IT stack, resource virtualization provides an abstraction that allows applications to access physical resources indirectly, without being tied directly to specific physical resources (such as servers or clusters).
By the same token, environmental scientists have begun to realize that information held as classified by security officials can be useful in understanding natural resource dynamics.
Christopher Swainhart, Resource Marketing's president, heard about WebTrust from Fleming, Brockschmidt & Durkin PLL, the Cincinnati firm that was performing tax and general accounting work for the company.
Resource sharing includes sharing of various types of resources, such as human, infrastructural, and information, but the main emphasis continues to be on sharing of materials.
Other meetings occurred and, subsequently, interest in a high-tech resource group grew to 46 investigators representing 5 counties in the region.
Cook says full cost of service must be charged or the utility will not be economically viable over the long term, with consequences for service, public health, and management of the water resource.

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