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Available now at Cale Yarborough Honda, the 2015 Fit is a resourceful automotive option for drivers in Myrtle Beach and all throughout the Palmetto State.
PPI provides employee engagement strategies and effective career development programs that help employees become more resourceful, responsible and capable of achieving their desired results.
30 at the Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn's Landing, recognizes outstanding, resourceful uses of Internet technology by an insurance organization.
Only if we go down this latter path, can we help such groups to be faithful to what is most profound, sophisticated and resourceful in their own heritage.
a designer, manufacturer and marketer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells for stationary applications, recently announced it has received a "CIO 100" award from IDG's CIO magazine, "which recognizes organizations around the world that demonstrate resourceful [information technology (IT)] management and practices.
Ever resourceful and never discouraged, Carver instructed a small group of students on how to collect materials--pots, pans, tubes, wire, etc.
Instead, he offers a resourceful, respectful, fresh response to the life around him, even when considering inanimate things, as in Towels, 1998.
A highly resourceful people, the Sumerians laid the foundation for many fields of study.
She disassembles the fear some garbage ghoul, finding a resourceful way to recycle the resulting mess.
Pam Lewis brings us many talents, especially her enthusiastic embrace of issues of race and poverty, her fearless, resourceful reporting style that always gets the goods, and just plain old street smarts," said Editor and Publisher Laura S.
As major labels consolidate and shed their rosters of everyone but best-sellers and prestige acts, lesbian and gay music listeners--already a resourceful bunch--will need to become even more creative when tracking down something besides Cher and Melissa.
But it could well be a pun: a tribute to Gottfried Semper by his most inventive and resourceful disciple, Joze Plecnik, the architect of Prague Castle in the 1920s.