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PPI provides employee engagement strategies and effective career development programs that help employees become more resourceful, responsible and capable of achieving their desired results.
While we should admire the incredible bravery of these resourceful women, this film doesn't entirely work.
WBI ceo Doug Manoni said "We plan to leverage 'Credit Union Times" market dominance and launch several new products that will make the 'Credit Union Times" franchise even more powerful and resourceful." One of the many factors that made 'Credit Union Times' such a valuable acquisition for WBI was the expanding scope of credit unions in the country's financial marketplace, he added, growth fueled by favorable regulatory changes.
TV preacher Jerry Falwell is certainly resourceful. Who else would think of using a recent brush with death as a fundraising opportunity?
* You must be creative, resourceful, agile, and aware of your environment, and you must be able to adapt to changing, unpredictable circumstances (like having all your funding cut).
In a book that is more than 600 pages--a third of them given over to documents, sources and interpretation, notes and remarks--Melvin Patrick Ely is a diligent and resourceful guide as he captures a remarkable piece of arcane African American history.
While a resilient floor, sturdy barre, and big, clean mirrors are studio standards, dancers and instructors are famously resourceful for dreaming up gear to complement the basic setup.
Kerry is a likable lass who is a bit sheltered and definitely prone towards anorexia when the going gets tough, but she is also intelligent and resourceful. The orchestrated presence of dogs throughout the story is a delight, and adds quite a bit to an already rich plot.
It reveals the struggles of survivors to cling to life to be heroic and resourceful, in a situation where lack of power and arms among Jews in general meant that direct resistance against the Nazis would only guarantee personal extermination.
Nick's experiences in the streets of New York shape him into a savvy, resourceful young man.
Even so, resourceful staph bacteria often snag iron from either of two alternate sources: heme, the ring-shaped portion of oxygen-carrying proteins such as hemoglobin, or a blood serum protein called transferrin.
The performance of this substantial and complex work was a triumph for all concerned, with the singers of the Armonico Consort admirable in their delivery of frequently overlapping texts, widely pitched, and superstar Evelyn Glennie busy and resourceful in the densely concertante percussion part, selflessly supported by the unobtrusively reliable Moira Usher as secondary percussionist.