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It is an organisation which uses music to enhance communication, support change and enables people, no matter how ill or disabled, to live more resourcefully and creatively.
"In order to accommodate Kraft's requirements, we resourcefully crafted a block of space by relocating three tenants within out portfolio, creating a very positive outcome for all parties involved.
PPP will continue to honour that commitment, creatively and resourcefully, in the years to come.
Interestingly, its subsequent mysterious provenance has been resourcefully reconstructed and is documented in the catalogue.
PKF partner Mr Dimmock says: ``A small business can be surprisingly successful in grabbing the prize if the tender is handled resourcefully and intelligently.''
Lot and his daughters pick their way through heaped rocks and stray flames, the daughters resourcefully carrying wine-jars.
Of his three works, they said, ``Here is an intensely intelligent and thoughtful artist, mature and complete, yet still absolutely fresh and still pushing vigorously and resourcefully at boundaries and conventions.''
Bird-watching jargon is resourcefully enlisted in Peter Thomson's claim that Shakespeare's Richard III recalled Richard Tarlton's 'jiz' (p.
But it's aimed at responding resourcefully to all manner of emergencies, from from urban floods to airplane crashes.
In a recent interview with Kyodo News, Maraguinot recounts his surprise at the material wealth of Japan in contrast to his home country, which he said simply tries to ''apply things resourcefully,'' and his feeling that Japan can use its economic might to help tackle the issue of child exploitation.
For instance, he said, using data resourcefully can lead to tighter control over inventory--something every retailer and vendor is trying to accomplish.
But singer Juliette Koka does a remarkable impersonation of the chanteuse, and Rioult used her resourcefully in La Vie en Rose, a suite of nine dances to Piaf songs.