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This study proposes and tests a conceptual model that investigates whether customer orientation acts as a mediator of the relationship between job resourcefulness and hotel employee outcomes.
"This deal would not have been possible without the patience, cooperation and resourcefulness of the multiple parties involved."
Ellis opens his funk bag here, displaying his aesthetic resourcefulness and command of the here and now.
Culinary disaster and resourcefulness blend to create an unexpected fiesta in this fun story.
"GMCI's emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness allows us to encourage and support outstanding men and women across a broad spectrum whose creativity and resourcefulness are key to innovation and the vitality and sustainability of our nation."
It's a tribute to both the resourcefulness and desperation of Lane County officials that they have found a way to add 37 sorely needed jail beds without any extra staffing costs.
Modest in scale, yet executed with resourcefulness and sensitivity, Pinos' building is an adroit exercise in the art of making decent, dignified public places and spaces.
But who can wait?" On a misruled continent that seems to be sinking ever closer to a war of all against all, the resourcefulness of its people may offer the best hope for renewal.
In so doing, they help to enhance our resourcefulness, independence and ingenuity.
Each year since 1984, NPCA confers the Mather Award, named for the first director of the National Park Service, to a Park Service employee who has demonstrated exemplary park stewardship as well as both initiative and resourcefulness in promoting resource protection within the Park System.
The three-ton concrete Bar Rustico Montanoso--complete with a selection of liquors and four bar stools--riffs on a Mexico City trend of re-creating "rustic" folk bars for city dwellers, while Resistol 5000, three giant glue cans suspended over fiberglass pools of poured "glue," nods to the resourcefulness of urban teens bent on getting high.
A panel of two Allegra employees and three community members will award grants based on the nonprofit's "innovation, resourcefulness and focus with which the grant will be used." For more information, call (501) 225-6645, or visit