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As a result, the resourceless is trapped in the perpetual web of debt, dependency and distress migration.
(11) She stands as the [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] because of who she is--the "resourceless" one [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], as Mary Whitlock Blundell calls her (112, fn26), the one without skills to dodge the death that awaits: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (She does not know / how to yield to trouble), says the chorus of her lack of techne (In.
One crucial fact often overlooked in the poverty and development debate is that, of all the continents in the world, Europe is the most resourceless. There was some coal, yes; but not much else.
Since the majority of these sites are found in resourceless desertic areas and are associated to contexts such as llama coprolites and corn leaves, we argue that these sites were direct components of caravan trafficking.
From fulltime title challengers, as they were last year, they have sunk to the bottom of the table, comparatively resourceless and lacking quality on the team sheet.
For the Court to give the government a blanket reprieve from obligations to obtain the best evidence fairly readily available, and to put excessive burdens on resourceless detainees, seems like something less than the process that is due.
The Bluebirds are second bottom of the Championship table this morning hovering above resourceless Rotherham - and controversial chief Hammam is not renowned for his patience.
He thunders about an American contractor's role in training Bosnian and Croatian troops that "went on to conduct systematic and bloody ethnic exterminations of Serbs, accompanied by many war crimes." And yet Serbian "ethnic cleansing" (it appears only in quotes) is the cause of no such outrage because it might require Johnson to wrestle with a moral question rather than simply presume that American militarists were eager (all evidence of their reluctance notwithstanding) to establish an indefinite presence in resourceless, land-locked, unstable Kosovo.
The present day world has an uneven spread of population classified by economic strata, viz., by those people who are relatively prosperous and others resourceless or in what of necessaries.
This makes the case for diversified national or even international financial sources--so lenders, or migrated relatives, are not resourceless at the same time as poor would-be borrowers.
Yet, after having made a vague promise for a six-week sick-leave with pay, the ministry ultimately decides to give Marie an unlimited leave without pay, effectively throwing the ailing, resourceless young woman out onto the street.
In order to pursue the study of drug-user subcultures in Estonia, we propose that the present study be contrasted with analyses of the subcultures of other, more resourceless groups of illicit-drug users.