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They will be more temperate and cool, and in that respect, as well as in others, will be more in capacity to act advisedly than the offending State.
At present I mean only to consider it as it respects security for the preservation of peace and tranquillity, as well as against dangers from FOREIGN ARMS AND INFLUENCE, as from dangers of the LIKE KIND arising from domestic causes.
"Sire," replied Pelisson, trembling at these words, "we are come to say nothing to your majesty that is not the most profound expression of the most sincere respect and love that are due to a king from all his subjects.
In all other respects, save one, he shone with no light but such as was reflected from his brother.
This manner of acting roused much respect for D'Artagnan's policy among the Musketeers.
Nor is this nearly general and perfect fertility surprising, when we remember how liable we are to argue in a circle with respect to varieties in a state of nature; and when we remember that the greater number of varieties have been produced under domestication by the selection of mere external differences, and not of differences in the reproductive system.
-- Independently of the question of fertility, the offspring of species when crossed and of varieties when crossed may be compared in several other respects. Gartner, whose strong wish was to draw a marked line of distinction between species and varieties, could find very few and, as it seems to me, quite unimportant differences between the so-called hybrid offspring of species, and the so-called mongrel offspring of varieties.
Laying aside the question of fertility and sterility, in all other respects there seems to be a general and close similarity in the offspring of crossed species, and of crossed varieties.
You know, police have to respect the community and the community has to respect the police and dousing NYPD officers or any officer for that matter with water is just the ultimate sign of disrespect.
If this is how respect is being demanded, can the same trite phrase 'Respect your elders' be imposed on children?
Think hard now about the Filipino 'galang,' the root word for respect. What's in your mind's eye when you think of 'galang'?
This volume brings together 11 essays on the historical-philosophical origins of the nature of respect for persons in ancient, modern, and contemporary times.