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He was dressed poorly but respectably in black, from the old black top hat on his head to the solid black boots on his feet.
Hughes, satisfied with having so respectably settled her young charge, returned to her party.
Its banks, and those of the brook are respectably adorned with blooming oleanders, but the unutterable beauty of the spot will not throw a well- balanced man into convulsions, as the Syrian books of travel would lead one to suppose.
I have always given him and his friends reason to understand that I would furnish in moderation what was necessary for providing him with a scholarly education, and launching him respectably.
The honor of leading in the Freshman classes fluctuated between Anne, Gilbert and Philippa; Priscilla did very well; Charlie Sloane scraped through respectably, and comported himself as complacently as if he had led in everything.
And you mean to say that you can't dress respectably on that?
Among all the spectators whom Van Baerle's execution had attracted to the Buytenhof, and whom the sudden turn of affairs had disagreeably surprised, undoubtedly the one most disappointed was a certain respectably dressed burgher, who from early morning had made such a good use of his feet and elbows that he at last was separated from the scaffold only by the file of soldiers which surrounded it.
I like to live until I die--I mean, to live decently, comfortably, respectably.
When I was respectably settled at home, this gentleman would not so much as look at me without a frown; and now, when I was a scamp, in prison, he mercifully and fraternally came to condole with me on my misfortunes.
A fortnight since I sent one of my men (most respectably dressed) to hang about his farm, and see what information he could pick up.
She ought to have said, 'No, I shall be married respectably from home, and have a wedding and a silk dress and bridesmaids and lots of presents.
I can live, and live respectably, as a concert singer.