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The more liberty of expression is warranted (curves are ascending), and the more social protection is offered to citizens (curves are separated), the more human rights should be considered as respected. More importantly, curves are parallel, which attests of the independence of the two effects in participant's conceptualizations.
The army under General Kayani has re-established its primary role as a fighting force and its actions against the terrorists have made it a respected institution once again.
And when all members of the team feel respected, affirmed and included, your company's bottom line will benefit.
The reader learns how to determine how she wants to be treated and respected, and how to get people to react to her.
Cross tabulation and results of the chi-square test for qualities respected, admired and emulated by each gender/socioeconomic status group are displayed in Table 4.
Webb (1969) described a case that emphasized that, when the child feels self-respect and respected by the therapist, potential impediments to therapy (e.g., alienation and differing values) are diminished.
A child that is loved and respected will be better equipped to face good and bad times in different environments."
Until that time, we each exist in our own small sphere of professionalism, respected only by those who speak our language and share our knowledge.
(37) Such reliance will not be respected in the case of an LT or a RAT, however, if the opinion giver is a "disqualified tax advisor" (DTA) or the opinion is a "disqualified tax opinion" (DTO).
[Employees] want to be respected, treated fairly, and recognized for their contributions.
Because people who feel respected are more comfortable, they are less timid about taking risks and sharing ideas, executives said.
It is true that the minority report he wrote in response to Liberal legislative intentions urges that embryos be clearly recognized as human life and respected as such.