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I could not but note the unnecessary harshness and brutality with which her guards treated her; so different from the almost maternal kindliness which Sola manifested toward me, and the respectful attitude of the few green Martians who took the trouble to notice me at all.
replied Malicorne, in a respectful tone; "it is eight long days since I was here.
Upon this the poor mariners in their respectful consternation --so truly English --knowing not what to say, fall to vigorously scratching their heads all round; meanwhile ruefully glancing from the whale to the stranger.
Ten Queensland state primary schools are piloting a respectful relationships program dealing with issues such as family violence, respect for women and girls, compassion and gender equality.
Our soldiers are professionals, respectful and well disciplined.
On Twitter, Mr Trump said: "I had a very respectful conversation with the widow of Sgt.
This is a story demonstrating the warmth and love surrounding Nivi but also the eternal respectful connections to ancestors and dear ones, past and present.
He is a respectful guy and will try and answer the media in an open, respectful way.
The first systematic analysis of police body camera footage shows that officers consistently use less respectful language with black community members than with white community members, according to the Stanford research.
In response to this question, 20% said authoritative, 49% said friendly, 30% said respectful and 1% did not respond.
The Respectful Behavior Program has three integrated parts, which must be implemented together to ensure success:
Expressing its "utter disgust" over three days of disorder in Marseille, UEFA told the English and Russian federations on Sunday "to appeal to their supporters to behave in a responsible and respectful manner" at the tournament in France, AP reported.