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In Athletics 100m girls, Muqadus of GSEC Murree was first while Sahiba of GSEC Murree and Nazish Mangla stood second and third, respectively.
AL Jazeera Service, Al Suwadi Power, OIFC and Omantel were up 4.27 per cent, 2.63 per cent, 1.14 per cent, and 0.73 per cent respectively. Oman National Engineering were down 2.31 per cent respectively.
Tomato was sold in the auction for Rs22, its market rate was fixed at Rs32 and the retail shops sold it for Rs50 to Rs60; Chinese ginger Rs175, Rs195 and Rs250, respectively; Thai ginger Rs150, Rs185 and Rs200, respectively; Chinese garlic Rs190, Rs250 and Rs280, respectively; Pakistani ginger Rs100, Rs120 and Rs180, respectively; green chili Rs25, Rs50 and Rs80, respectively; onion Rs35, Rs44 and Rs50, respectively; and potato (new) Rs30, Rs35 and Rs50, respectively.
In Nairobi, the new prices for Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene are now Sh106.60, Sh102.13 and Sh102.22 respectively.
Independent candidate Riki Haider Asha and Sara Binte Jahan of Bangladesh Chhatra League were elected vice-president and general secretary respectively of Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall union polls under Ducsu.
144.5 cents and Ps.130.0 cents for the fourth quarter and full year, an increase of 8.4% and decrease of 1.1% year over year, respectively.
-ROE of 10.90% and 11.00% for the quarter and for the twelve months respectively;
Accordingly, for half-credit courses of these programs, first and 2nd assignments are to be submitted on March 15 and April 20 respectively.
Mean annual effective doses received to stomach (ingestion), lung (inhalation) and ingestion plus inhalation (whole body) from drinking water sources in Peshawar Town-1 were computed to be 0.0062 +- 0.00033, 0.0732 +- 0.034 and 0.080 +- 0.0037 mSv, respectively. From UC Faqeerabad 22 water samples were studied which bear maximum, minimum and mean concentration values of 40.6 +- 2.9, 6.7 +- 1.1 and 21.2 +- 1.8, Bql-1, respectively.
In Chennai, petrol and diesel prices were at Rs 81.46 per litre and Rs 77.24 per litre respectively. While in Kolkata, petrol and diesel prices were at Rs 80.33 per litre and Rs 74.93 per litre respectively.
For PTC and CT programs, students are required to submit their first and second assignment on August 10 and October 2 respectively. For B.ED (New) and Postgraduate-level academic assignments are required to be submitted on August 15 and October 7 respectively.